Our company originated because of our expertise in sprinkler systems. We understand their importance in maintaining fires and saving lives. Because of this, we utilize the most up-to-date technology which is intended specifically for the fire sprinkler industry. Our software is designed to hydraulically calculate and stock list every sprinkler system we install.

Our expertise allows us to install, service, and inspect sprinkler systems, Hydracad, Autosprink, HAAS, and fire pumps. In addition to new systems, we’re able to retrofit sprinkler systems, which is an extremely complex process. Our certified team is trained to do the job right which saves money, and more importantly, saves lives.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to maintain records and documentation in an effort to protect client properties while aligning their systems with the requirements of various jurisdictional authorities. Operational testing is a vital part of a fire protection program and our NICET Certified Staff is dedicated to delivering a high-quality finished product to our customers. Furthermore, we are capable of correcting any code compliance issues that may arise due to changing conditions.

Ohio Valley Sprinklers acquired by Premier Fire & Security

We are proud to welcome Ohio Valley Sprinklers to the Premier Fire & Security Family!

There are many types of systems we work with, including:

Wet Sprinklers


High, Medium, and Low-Expansion Foam

Fire Pumps & Fire Hose

Dry Pipe


Clean Agent

Water Storage Tanks