In addition to our state of the art installation, Premier Fire can perform the routine inspections, testing and maintenance on the systems we sell. Through our use of Building Reports, all inspections can be viewed at the Customer site on our web page. All of our inspectors are specially-trained and state licensed to ensure your systems are functioning as they should, per NFPA guidelines.

We inspect and test fire sprinklers, backflow preventers, fire pumps, standpipes, hydrants, fire hoses, emergency and exit lighting, fire extinguishers, kitchen hood suppression systems, clean agent systems, carbon dioxide systems, fire alarm systems, and perform room integrity testing.

As a service to our customers, Premier Fire can perform routine maintenance that is necessary throughout the life of each system. Some of these services are: testing and/or replacement of sprinkler system gauges every 5 years, performing a full flow trip test on dry pipe sprinkler systems every 3 years, testing smoke detector sensitivity every 2 years, performing 6 year maintenance on fire extinguishers and performing hydro tests on fire extinguishers.

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Services Offered:

• Fire Sprinkler Systems

• Fire Pumps

• Underground Fire Mains

• Fire Alarm Systems

• Voice Evacuation Systems

• System Design and Submittals

• Fabrication

• Fire Extinguishers

• Clean Agent Systems

• Foam Systems

• Inspection and Testing Services

• New Installations or Reworking Existing Systems

• Marine Services

• Annual Inspection Tracking

• Service Call Management

• 24 Hour Service

• Electronic Inspections

• Barcoding

• Customer Login to Access Reports